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Translations (Feature film, 2023)

When an agoraphobic translator reunites with her deceased brother's best friend, secrets and passions are revealed. Starring Kate Morgan-Jones and Alan Emrys.

Full Project Team and Needs
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Translations is a feature drama film. When an agoraphobic translator is tracked down by her dead brother's friend, he attempts to show her the world she's missing by staying inside.

The project is headed by a multi-award-winning director and an exciting cast and crew attached. 

We look forward to hearing from you. 


Assistant Producer

Role status:

Closed on 11 May, 2023

In return for:

Partnership (expenses paid)

This is a non-paid role. We can offer to cover expenses alongside a feature film credit via IMDb and Tabb and material for your reel.


We are looking to have the film complete by mid-September and would be open for the creative to join the project as soon as they are available.


Can work remotely

This role is for the independent film 'Translations'. While an indie production and passion project, the film has a talented cast and crew attached, starring Kate Morgan-Jones and Alan Emrys. The film will also be the debut feature film of multi-award-winning director Keith Wilhelm Kopp. Production has now wrapped and the film has recently entered the final stages of post-production.


The team working on Translations, is seeking an assistant producer. This role would suit someone who is well organised, self motivated and is good at communicating.  You will be joining a team of three people who are building up the marketing (social media, press releases) and assisting with the distribution strategy (engaging with cinema programmers) amongst other tasks. 

The role is unpaid, however, we can offer to cover any expenses, alongside a feature film credit and any social media promotion that the film and crew pages could generate. If you'd like to join the project, have any questions or have any input, please express interest in this role!

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