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The Welsh Avengers - Sizzle Reel (TV comedy)

Meet THE WELSH AVENGERS - A team of mishap heroes in the village of Brinbawr, Wales, allocated here to defend, serve and protect the Welsh Citizens.

Full Project Team and Needs
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Proof of Concept for THE WELSH AVENGERS - A blend of comedy, Welsh History, and the superhero genre following a team of mishaps in the fictional village of Brinbawr. We will be blending Celtic mythology, welsh history, welsh humour and patriotism in a Father Ted-like sitcom style comedy. We aim to make this sizzle reel so that we may fund our efforts further to produce a pilot episode in the future. 


Actor | Sparky
(Any gender, 25 to 35 years old)

Role status:


In return for:

GBP £65 in total

We are offering £50 for the performance in the sizzle reel and £15 to cover travel expenses. We are looking at two days of filming, date TBC. This is a sizzle reel for a bigger project we aim to make in the future and are low budget for the time being.


2 days

Filming will take place over two consecutive days.


Based in Bristol, United Kingdom


We are looking for a WELSH actor to play Sparky (We are open to male, female and non-binary people for this role). Sparky is an electrician full of youth and fun, who owns the Sparkmobile a transit van which serves as the Avengers main mode of transport. Sparky is proud to be welsh and lives a very simple life of pub going. Sparks serves as a knowledgeable character in the world of tech and helps the team with their skills in many situations. 

We are looking for someone to play this character who is funny, out-going and open to improvising. As we have no specific gender for Sparky we encourage those who are interested in playing this character to make it their own! 

The script for the project is available upon request. 

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