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The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole, Aged 13 3/4 (Stage, 2023)

A lighthearted comedy with musical numbers centered around a teenage boy and his frantic life

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Adrian Mole:  adolescent schoolboy, thwarted intellectual, would-be lover is constantly bewildered by the trials and tribulations of teenage life.  His parents are divorcing, his mother’s having an affair with the next door neighbour, his acne is spreading and even the dog is rebelling - Adrian’s life is in tatters and he’s only 13 ¾.

Into Adrian's blighted existence steps the ravishing Pandora and suddenly everything, but everything is looking up! Can Pandora make Adrian’s life worth living again, give him strength to repel the playground bullies, cope with cantankerous old Bert Baxter and realize his intellectual dreams?

As Adrian records his daily triumphs and disasters his diary provides a hilarious account of some of the most traumatic months of his life. Self-centered, deluded and disillusioned Adrian is the sort of teenager who could rule a much better world - if only his crazy relatives and classmates would get out of his way.

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