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The Neurotypical Gaze (Documentary, 2020)

This video essay considers the ‘neurotypical gaze’ and how autistic identity is viewed in media.

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Presented at Autscape 2020 and Autminds 2020 (autistic led conferences)

This video essay/documentary considers the ‘neurotypical gaze’ - that is how we are viewed by neurotypical people, how this partially constructs our identity and how we look back.

Although I acknowledge various forms of neurodiversity, I will mostly approach this from an autistic angle as it is one of the lenses I look through as well as most appropriate for the setting in which this piece was initially presented. 

John James Laidlow Brighton/Hove, United Kingdom

Brighton-based video artist with particular interest in video essays, hybrid documentary forms and incorporating AR/3D animation elements into my films.

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