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The Eye of the Beholder (Short film, 2021)

Two friends are put to the ultimate test when they are invited to the house of the mysterious 'Beholder'.

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Dylan Hargrave and Tim Fairthorne have been best friends for years. The two are in dire need of money and are prepared to do virtually anything for fast cash. A mysterious figure known only as the 'Beholder' invites the two friends to take part in a game. No one has ever seen the 'Beholder' and communication takes place through a suited attendant who relays every command through an earpiece. Dylan and Tim are told that they can win large amounts of money if they complete challenges. However, not everything is as it seems and dark motives seem to be at play.

Evan Preston United Kingdom

Evan Preston is a writer & director. Themes of Duality and mortality appear in his films, often including supernatural aspects. Evan aims to make films that entertain but also provoke conversations and subvert expectations.

Presto Films United Kingdom

Presto Films is a website founded, by Evan Preston, that aims to create films that entertain audiences, subvert expectations and provoke conversations.

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