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Scales (Short film, 2023) Mature

After a particularly triggering event, Saul is forced to re-examine his own psyche and his relationship with his wife.

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Dramatic Monologue exploring emotional instability and toxic masculinity.

Kyle Borg Bristol/Worthing/London, United Kingdom

I can talk your ear off about Narrative theory, that's probably why my colleagues like killing me in their films...

Alex Troman Bristol/Birmingham, United Kingdom

Writer/Director/Producer and Photographer based in Bristol looking for any work that comes my way and trying to pull my own out of thin air. I try to surround myself with people who know more about stuff than I do.

Clément Jochem Bristol, United Kingdom

I have a tendency to get too excited about details of a shot

Jessica Jones Bristol, United Kingdom

Production designer, set dresser, art director and all round crafty creative.

Amelia Wring Bristol, United Kingdom

Camera Gremlin and Clapperboarding Whiz Kid

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