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RS FilmFest - Winter 2022 (Event, 2022)

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RS FilmFest - Winter 2022

30th January, 2022.

Sponsored by:

  • Lexus Bristol
  • Firearm Training for Film & TV
  • The Motorhome Holiday Company
  • That Leisure Shop
  • K_ners
  • Merlin Security Ltd

Hosted by:

  • Sophie Slavin
  • Reel Social


  • Peter Pedrero
  • Paul Holbrook
  • Patrick Ryder
  • Joe Sims
  • James Bushe
  • Joe Hallett
  • Daniel White
  • Alan Delabie


Best Action:

  • [Winner] Acéré

Best Documentary:

  • [Winner] From Cobbles to the Cage

Best Drama:

  • [Winner] Death is the Place on Earth

Best Horror:

  • [Winner] The Torturer

Best Actor:

  • [Winner] Paul T. Taylor (The Torturer)

Best Actress:

  • [Winner] Anna Carvalho (Death is the Place on Earth)

Best Student Film:


Best Trailer:

  • [Winner] Nova

Best Musical Score:

  • [Winner] Paintball Massacre

Best Sci-Fi:

  • [Winner] The Gate

Best Film:

  • [Winner] The Gate

RS FilmFest Bristol, United Kingdom

RS FilmFest is a red-carpet, independent short film festival in Bristol, UK.

Sophie Slavin Bristol, United Kingdom

Experienced actress & skilled horserider. Walk ons & features on BBC, Sky 1, ITV, Feature Films & Commercials. Leads within short films as well as theatre. Comedy roles are a strong point, however can also convey a range of emotions.

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