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Supporting artists | Dining guests

Role status:

Will close on 25 July, 2024

In return for:

Paid, fee to be discussed


Based in Bristol, United Kingdom

We are looking for supporting artists to play the role of dining guests for a dinner party scene to be shot in Bristol for a student film. We are keen to be able to get a mixed range of ages and genders.

dates: -Thursday 18th 8PM-11PM

Or both days on;

-Tuesday 20th 9AM-2PM -Friday21st 9AM-5PM

Food and travel is covered.

Synopsis: Fresh Meat is a short metaphorical horror. After being invited to an exclusive dinner party by her friend Reece, Mollie finds herself trapped in a world in where appearance and connections conceals malicious intent.

Themes: This film does contain strong and dark themes and are will be treated very carefully and respectfully.

If interested please either express interest on tabb Thank you.

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