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Peace among enemies film project

A man with multiple personality disorder hires himself to kill off his other personalities to cure him, at the expense of his own humanity.

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This is a film I'm directing for my 1st year final project. It is done in the style of a french new wave cinema piece; inspired by works such as breathless and un chien andalou. The narrative is quite non-linear; the tension and story itself will be conveyed mostly through the visuals and music, rather than the actual dialogue and action of characters. This is a short film and so will only last around 10 minutes maximum, which will require only 2 days of shooting on locations across Bristol. Expenses for travel will not be covered so being local would be preferable, but not required.

Chad Norton Bristol, United Kingdom

Bristol-based filmmaker with a passion for artistry in filmmaking and embracing the unconventional

Chris Harris-Beechey Bristol, United Kingdom

Something else, or at least that's what I've come to think. Actor and singer, looking to get more experience and jump into new projects.

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