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Actor/Actress (Voice Over) | Lobster Babe, Young Jimothy, Sister Anthony, Fat Hanz, Uncle Paul, Old Man Willy, Hotdog Space Pirate, Mary Lou, Karen, Robofish, Periwinkle, Simon, Hortencia, Brandon, Nancy
(Female, 6 to 60 years old)

Role status:

Closed on 07 April, 2024

In return for:

Partnership (unpaid)

This film will be sent to multiple film festivals and has the opportunity of winning prize money, which will be distributed between all participants.


As this is a remote opportunity, timings are flexible however I aim to wrap up recording by the end of the month (MARCH), ready to start animating for APRIL.


Can work remotely

‘TABLE MANNERS’ is a 2d animated short film. It is an offbeat murder-mystery comedy set at a dysfunctional family dinner party. It's bonkers, chaotic and perfect for any voice-over artist looking to let loose!


NANCY: Newly married to BRANDON and hostess to the dinner party. She is desperate to win her in-laws' approval.

BRANDON: The useless husband of NANCY, whose head explodes after eating a poisoned cake.

HORTENCIA / MOTHER-IN-LAW: An impatient woman who disapproves of her new daughter-in-law NANCY.

SIMON: A demon salesman from hell summoned by UNCLE PAUL who leads the murder investigation. (Takes over the lifeless corpse of Brandon)

PERIWINKLE: The 16th Century, flamboyant Elizabethan Noble Man who loves to gossip. (Brother to Hortencia)

ROBOFISH: Part goldfish part washing machine with a robotic voice. (Built by Hanz, partnered to Lobster Babe.)

KAREN: The overbearing mother to MARY LOU with a criminal record. (Mother of Mary Lou)

MARY LOU: A feral beauty pageant overweight child with a speech impediment. (Karens Daughter)

HODOG SPACE PIRATE: A human-sized hotdog who is an intergalactic pirate. (Family Friend)

OLD MAN WILLY: The crazy old Headfather of the family. 

UNCLE PAUL: An alcoholic wizard who learned Necromancy during his gap year. (Brother to Brandon)

FAT HANZ: A high-functioning sociopath mad scientist. (Creator, ‘father’ of Robofish)

LOBSTER BABE: A 7ft tall Lobster in a bikini who speaks in a bizarre lobster language. (Robofish's long-term, low-commitment girlfriend.)

SISTER ANTHONY: A sex-crazed runaway nun. (Jimothy’s Mother.)

JIMOTHY: A young boy who wears a paper bag over his head to hide his melon-shaped head and freakishly large eyes. Revealed to be the murderer. (Sister Anthony’s Son.)

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