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Full Project Team and Needs


Project Manager

Role status:

Will close on 30 April, 2024

In return for:

Partnership (unpaid)

Food and drink, travel accomodation, etc.


12 months from 22 March, 2024


Can work remotely

Dear sir or madam,

My name is Lwazi Nkiwane and I have a great interest in music and today's stars of stage and screen who can sing.

Next year is my birthday so I think that this is a very good idea for you to come on board to run, arrange, manage and oversee the forthcoming self-released one-off triple studio album which is slated for May 2025 release.

It is to be performed by the all-singing supergroup of selected mixed famous young boy/girl singing celebrities from the UK.

For this album there will be 48 brand new old school mid-1990's throwback pop music-related songs as to be performed by the all-singing supergroup of selected mixed famous young boy/girl singing celebrities from the UK in solos, duets, trios, quartets, quintets etc.

It will feature very special guest appearances by well-known rappers, singers and musicians.

Selected tracks of this album is expected to be produced by selected available world-famous award-winning record producers. 

The songwriting camp will begin after Easter. 

We need to know if this album will go ahead without delay. 

Sessions with overdubs will take place in the USA and the UK starting from June 10th 2024.

Please apply if you are up for it.

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