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I'll Leave it To You (Stage, 2021)

The Dermotts are in dire financial straits with no sign of a way out. Their mischievous uncle returns from abroad with the promise of a big fortune.

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The Dermott family are in dire financial straits with no sign of a way out, and risk losing their family home. Without warning, their mischievous Uncle returns from South America with an offer of help – he is ill and doesn’t have long left, but he will bequeath all of his great fortune to the child that does the most with their life before he dies. But is this enough to spur them into action? What really is his illness? And does he really have a fortune?

Evangeline is the eldest daughter of the Dermotts and is an aspiring writer. Her plan to win her uncle's fortune is to become a popular writer, something she is quite sure she will achieve. Evangeline is a proud woman who will not put up with anyone who doesn't believe in her or who will put themselves in her way.