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I Am Judah (Cinematic Documentary, 2022)

Ras Judah, a completely innocent man, was brutally tasered in the face by the police as he was returning home while out walking his dog.

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Ras Judah's Story If it wasn’t for Ras Judah Adunbi’s neighbour, Tom Cherry, we might never have known what really happened. Tom was there to record the incident on his phone in January 2017 as Ras Judah was brutally tasered in the face by the police as he was returning home while out walking his dog. Millions watched the phone footage on mainstream news reports and over social media causing international outrage. Ras Judah is a beloved and highly-respected elder in his community in Bristol. The whole community remains shocked and unsettled by how he was treated. Two years have now passed but no police officer has been found guilty of misconduct. Ras Judah is still seeking justice... A twist to the story is that this was not the first or the last time that Ras Judah has been a victim of police harassment and violence and so-called 'mistaken identity'. He was tasered while standing up for his legal right to not give his name when stopped. Ras Judah is determined to speak the uncensored truth of what has happened to him, not only for himself but for all the other victims of these types of injustices. The full story must be told…

Bashart Malik Bristol, United Kingdom

Over 15 years of experience as a Director and DOP in commercials, music videos and features. With a special passion for crafting imaginative visuals using narrative and light.

Daniel James Bristol, United Kingdom

Director | Editor | Photographer based in Bristol, United Kingdom, visually telling stories and influencing the world.

Lucas Lewis-Smith Bristol/Swansea, United Kingdom

I am currently studying film at University and have an interest in directing and cinematography.

Louise Mackey Bristol/Belfast, United Kingdom

Belfast born, but now living in Bristol. Aspiring filmmaker/photographer.

Mark Heinrich Bristol, United Kingdom

Filmmaker / Writer / Director / Editor

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