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Lucky (Short film, 2019)

Set in the near future, in a world abandoned by colour, Karen is a make-up artist for androids who battles depression and seeks a way out.

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The shoot is set to take place the 14th and 15th of November (also the 16th if necessary). Set in three locations, should be a fairly easy and smooth shoot.

Giordana Russo Bristol, United Kingdom

Bristol based screenwriter.

Lina Maria Higuera Bristol, United Kingdom

Spanish filmmaker and Director of Photography.

Ria Bale Bristol, United Kingdom

Freelance Runner & Editor based in Bristol

Josh Alexander Bristol, United Kingdom

Experienced and passionate actor. Open to any role, no matter how challenging or diverse. There's no such thing as a small role!

Josie Lauren Ellis Trowbridge, United Kingdom

I'm an actress, model, dancer, aerialist and entertainer with a passion for performance, a creative drive and a love for bringing life to a character. My pronouns are she/her, I'm neurodivergent, LGBTQ+ and drive.

Peter Benson Bath, United Kingdom

Versatile actor, available for any kind of production. Experienced in stage, film, street, childrens' theatre etc. Improv, devising, run workshops, mime experience.

Amber Grieve Bristol, United Kingdom

Visual & Sonic Artist, Sound Designer and Dubbing Mixer

Hayden Weaver Bristol, United Kingdom

Young, ambitious filmmaker looking to get his foot in the door. I can help on set or in post production, having several years experience with software such as Adobe Creative Cloud as well as dabbling in Blender for some 3D work.

Jordan Bain Cardiff, United Kingdom

1st Ac, 2nd AC, Camera trainee and Lighting Trainee (Depending on job size) working full time freelance in Film and Television......................................My McDonalds order: 20 Box of Chicken Nuggets, 4X BBQ Sauce, Fanta No Ice.

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