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Freshers (Short film)

Full Project Team and Needs
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A group of stone-broke University students seize an unexpected opportunity for financial relief when they decide to catch an escaped convict for a hefty reward.

  • Shoots 26-30 Aug. in Southampton, England.


actor | Harper
(Any gender, 18 to 20 years old)

Role status:

Closed on 13 July, 2024

In return for:

Paid, fee to be discussed

IMDb Credit, Inclusion on Social media plan, an invitation to premiere and opportunities to work on other projects.


Based in Southampton/Hampshire, United Kingdom

An exceptionally driven and hardworking international student. Despite her football scholarship, she holds multiple jobs in order to support herself and send money home to her family. Although she displays a fiery personality and often acts as an outspoken jokester, this masks her deep-seated uncertainty about the world around her. Being in a foreign country without her family or friends exacerbates these feelings of isolation.

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