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Forgive & Forget (at Christmas) (Music video, 2022)

Done my time feeling bitter and twisted, it's time for forgiveness. Forgive and forget at Christmas.

Full Project Team and Needs
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A middle-aged mother and her two grown up children are spending Christmas together. We see Christmas day play out in front of us. There are indications that someone is absent - a rocking chair rocks back and forth autonomously, there’s an empty stocking and an empty mug. The family of three are uncomfortably, unrealistically full of glee and seem oblivious to these incongruous aspects. Something's clearly not right. Finally they're forced to confront the missing figure when he flickers into view…

If you don't listen too carefully, the track sounds like a typical sweet Christmas song but it's actually an exploration of the process of forgiving someone that has hurt you deeply.

The song was originally about being hurt by the sudden and unexplained disappearance of a romantic partner that, much later, just as suddenly reappears. The video will be vague enough to have multiple interpretations but is hinting at a far more serious offence - child abuse, with a percentage of the track's income going to HAVOCA - Help for Adult Victims of Child Abuse.


Marilyn Monroe Film Buff

Role status:

Closed on 25 September, 2022

In return for:

GBP £32 per hour

Invoice after the consultancy session. Payment within 14 days.


4 hours from 25 September, 2022

A morning or afternoon by mutual arrangement.


Based in Bristol, United Kingdom

Please see "More on Project" above for a summary of our over-all concept.

We're seeking a film geek deeply knowledgeable about Marilyn Monroe to join our Creative Director for a morning/afternoon session to work through the storyboard and suggest/research the ideal clips or stills to illustrate the points we're looking to get across. These can be from Marilyn's films or from her real life.

We have a rough storyboard developed and we've already found a few possible clips - but these could perhaps be improved upon and we definitely need many more.

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