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Ephemeral (Short film)

Logline : A talented singer must overcome her body dysmorphia in order to attend a live audition, while dealing with her loving boyfriend’s trust issues.

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Ephemeral is a project about eating disorders and body dysmorphia. Body dysmorphia affects  at least 2% of the population in the UK (NHS, 2022). It is a universal, genderless and ageless issue. It is beyond body  confidence or « not feeling good about yourself ».

My aim is to bring awareness to the audience, by showing how deep one’s consciousness can go, but also awareness on what society inflicts on women and men : what we should look like, what is healthy or unhealthy, what is ugly, what is beautiful, all through unrealistic goals.


Producer / Assistant Producer

Role status:

Will close on 15 February, 2023

In return for:

Undecided, to be discussed


Can work remotely

We are looking for a producer or assistant producer (depending on experience) to join our team for Ephemeral.

We've already applied to grants, but as we will launch our crowdfunding campaign soon, we need someone to help us conduct a successful campaign.

Ideally, for the next two weeks, you can dedicate a couple of hours a week to the project.

Filming dates are set for April, so we still have time to raise more funds, and get ready for an amazing film experience!

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