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Clownfish (Stage, 2022)

A moving and stunningly original story of friendship and life after loss. Dak's dad has been dead for 7 days when he suddenly reappears in the local aquarium...

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Dak and his dad were very close and they loved going to the aquarium together, to watch especially the clownfish. After his sudden passing, Dak goes to the aquarium alone to clear his head. What was his surprise to discover a clownfish in the aquarium who sounds exactly like his dad ! Dak is convinced this fish is his dad and from now on, he visits him everyday and confides in him. The boy will have to keep his secret while fighting to keep the aquarium open after it was threatened to close because of a faulty wall.

His mother, Deirdre is completely overwhelmed by grief and has to be taken care of by her neighbour, Mrs Baxter. Deirdre cannot take care of her boy as she spends her days sleeping, crying, or having hallucinations of her dead husband. Throughout the play Deirdre gets better and starts noticing Dak is behaving strangely. As she tries to get more involved into her son's life she also realises how she's been absent all this time. In the end she finally manages to become a mother again. A single mother, but a mother nonetheless.