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Canary (Feature film)

WWII drama following headstrong Grace Steele as she joins the factory war effort. She'll make friends for life in the women she meets, and maybe a little more.

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In the midst of the Second World War, a newly graduated Grace Steele decides to join the war effort, moving across the country to work in a munitions factory. There she meets a group of vivacious women whom she quickly befriends. They help her settle into her new village life and introduce her to the charming Canadian soldiers at the local pub full of dancing and drinks. None of the boys catches her eye but Grace swiftly becomes enamoured with one of the factory girls - Ruth Williams. 

The film will follow the girls through the final months of the war as they navigate this new love and what it means for them when the war is over and the men finally come home.


Actress: Betty Jones
(Female, 21 to 28 years old)

Role status:

Closed on 30 November, 2022

In return for:

Partnership (expenses paid)

Food and expenses covered for the whole run. The film will be entered into film festivals so there will be potential opportunities for profit share between cast and crew.


Shooting will run from January until the end of February with specifics to follow after the role has been cast.


Based in Bristol, United Kingdom

Betty (24/25)

Betty is a quick-witted woman who enjoys never having to pay for a drink by dancing with the soldiers. However, she always ends up with a Canadian soldier named Peter and finds herself spending more time with him until the relationship becomes a bit more than just fun. After she realises her true feelings for Peter it might be too late. 

Look 25 years old.

Natural hair colour.

Comfortable being close and kissing an actor.

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