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In Progress

At Long Last (Short film)

A young woman discovers notes hidden in books left by her late father.

Alice Hervin United Kingdom

I am currently studying a MA in Scriptwriting

Dan Fox Bristol/Cardiff, United Kingdom

Cinematographer based in Cardiff / Bristol, UK.

Jessica Gittins Cardiff/Birmingham, United Kingdom

Friendly and enthusiastic actor/performer based in Cardiff, Wales. Originally from West Midlands. She/Her

Josie Lauren Ellis Trowbridge, United Kingdom

I'm an actress, model, dancer, aerialist and entertainer with a passion for performance, a creative drive and a love for bringing life to a character. My pronouns are she/her, I'm neurodivergent, LGBTQ+ and drive.

Stuart Packer Somerset, United Kingdom

Accomplished Actor of 30 years. An everyman. An ordinary guy. The guy next door? The Boss? Strong & vulnerable in drama, whilst daring & silly in comedy. Nice bloke who turns up on time

Lewis Townley Gloucester, United Kingdom

A sound designer, editor and recordist based in the South West. Loves working on character driven dramas, as well as films with a strong focus on visual and audio storytelling.

Dermot Fleming Bristol, United Kingdom

I've worked on multiple projects from music videos, feature films and awarding winning short films. I own my own equipment as well as a car to transport it

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