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At Long Last (Short film, 2023)

A young woman discovers notes hidden in books left by her late father.

Alice Hervin United Kingdom

Writer, currently studying a MA in Scriptwriting at Bath Spa University.

Levi Miah Essex, United Kingdom

15 years experience in genres ranging from metal and drone to synthwave and contemporary classical, from art film to short and feature narrative, through horror and drama.

Tom McGlynn Bristol, United Kingdom

I'm a professional studio/session guitarist, composer/songwriter, producer and guitar teacher.

Dan Fox Bristol, United Kingdom

Cinematographer currently based in Bristol, UK.

Jessica Gittins Cardiff/Birmingham, United Kingdom

Friendly and enthusiastic actor/performer based in Cardiff, Wales. Originally from West Midlands. She/Her.

Josie Lauren Ellis Trowbridge, United Kingdom

I'm an actress, model, dancer, aerialist and entertainer with a passion for performance, a creative drive and a love for bringing life to a character. My pronouns are she/her, I'm neurodivergent, LGBTQ+ and drive.

Stuart Packer Somerset, United Kingdom

Accomplished Actor of 30 years. An everyman. An ordinary guy. The guy next door? The Boss? Strong & vulnerable in drama, daring & silly in comedy. Nice bloke who turns up on time

Lewis Townley Gloucester/Cardiff, United Kingdom

A sound designer, editor and recordist based in the South West. Loves working on character driven dramas, as well as films with a strong focus on visual and audio storytelling.

Conor Madden Bristol/Glasgow, United Kingdom

Bristol based sound designer/knob twiddler

Dermot Fleming Bristol, United Kingdom

I've worked on multiple projects from music videos, feature films and awarding winning short films. I own my own equipment as well as a car to transport it

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