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A Match Made Online (Music video, 2017)

A story of two lovers who met online, meeting in person for the first time, told in Dance.

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This is a short music Video done for a choreography Student, Meg approached me and Josh Clark with the music and the idea. We loved it so much we set up a filming date and 24 Hours later she had a video the entire college was raving about! (This edit has been slightly repurposed as it was originally an advert for, no affiliation)

Dan Kirkwood Weston Super Mare, United Kingdom

Hi, I'm Daniel Kirkwood, film maker. From pre-production right through to post production I've spent the majority of the last decade devoting my time to learning the skills of the industry.

Josh Clark Bristol/Weston Super Mare, United Kingdom

FilmUCW student specialising in Sound Recording and Sound Editing.

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