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Actress | Veronica
(Female, 19 to 26 years old)

Role status:

Will close on 29 February, 2024

In return for:

Partnership (unpaid)

Start date:

22 January, 2024


Based in Tbd, United Kingdom

We are looking for an actress who is in her early to mid 20s. Someone who is capable of displaying a good range of emotions. The actress that is chosen will only be required for one days worth of filming and may be required to smoke a cigarette however a fake cigarette may be used if the actress is uncomfortable with this. Now as this is a passion project and not a paid job the actress chosen will be provided the footage which we are more than happy to let them have use in their showreel in exchange for agreeing to be in our film We plan to shoot this at the end of February/ early March although this may change as we are really focused on finding the right actress for the part, we have yet to decide on a location to shoot these scenes as that will ultimately depend on who is cast.

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