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Mike Holkins Bristol, United Kingdom

An aspiring film technician with operational experience on a TV set, strong knowledge and education in a variety of hardware and software for commercial video production.

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Worked as a data wrangler on a TV set and was responsible for managing and organizing the large amounts of data that are generated during the production process. This includes backing up and storing data from cameras, managing data transfer between devices, and troubleshooting any issues that may arise with data storage and transfer.

In addition, I do videography/editing and motion design with a focus on B2B content, I have a strong understanding of how to create engaging and effective video content for business audiences. With extensive experience in both video production and post-production, I am skilled in capturing and editing high-quality video footage and incorporating graphics and visual effects to enhance the final product. My strong attention to detail and ability to work efficiently under tight deadlines make me an asset to any team.

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