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Mark Simkins Cambridge, United Kingdom

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Playing age:

25 to 35 years


5' 12" (1.82m)

Body type:




I discovered my love of film acting relatively late in life. There's nothing quite like the moment where "Action" is called, and everything but the scene fades away. Alongside traditional acting roles, I also have experience playing non-human characters in extensive prosthetic makeup and costumes. These were mainly for photoshoots, but I have also performed at The Prosthetics Event 2019 in character (I was due to return in 2020, but the event was cancelled for obvious reasons). I'd very much like to do more of those sorts of roles for film, it's a lot of fun!

I've had quite a lot of small to medium-sized roles in a number of productions, they're all listed on my personal website, linked in this profile.

Represented by Second Skin Agency (link in profile).

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