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Maia Kennon Berlin, Germany

Composer for Film and Media | Music Producer | Multi-Instrumentalist

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Getting to know a director's vision, tastes, and aesthetic preferences while getting to the heart of their script is a process I truly enjoy - and I believe the core of a composer's job is to help a project be the best version of itself it can be, in expressing through music what words and images alone cannot. A long and diverse career in the music industry has given me the many varied and rare skills, both technical and creative, that allow me to cover all aspects of the film-music creation process.

Music has been the most important part of my life for over 15 years, and I’ve seen the industry from many sides. As a performing musician born in Austin Texas, I had the great pleasure of performing at the South By Southwest Music Festival and the Austin City Limits Music Festival early in my career. As a jazz conservatory student in NYC, I was able to soak up countless artistic perspectives while cutting my teeth in one of the most competitive music scenes in the world, and learning how to compose for a great variety of ensembles. Then, after moving to Berlin in 2014 I continued to expand my horizons, from touring all around Europe to writing and recording with a multitude of projects, and eventually found myself drawn to the compositional and technical side of music. Since, I have been dedicated to composing music for film, which has allowed me to gain excellent technical prowess over the whole production process.

I've written and produced music for films, video games, and apps, produced and mixed bands and other artists, and worked extensively in audio editing. I believe my greatest strength is connecting with and understanding the core of a project - be it a film, a band, or an exhibition - and translating that effectively into music.

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