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Lamorran Trevenna Cornwall, United Kingdom

Affected by synesthesia, I am a musical score composer, multi-instrumentalist, painter and aspiring photographer, born in Gloucestershire, England. I'm a BSc (Hons) Applied Geology Graduate, and my core instrument is piano.

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Lamorran Trevenna is a musical score composer, multi-instrumentalist, and painter, born in Gloucestershire, England. Inspired by the works of Ludovico Einaudi, after finding escape in his music, Trevenna believes that music is one of the ultimate forms of expression - alongside more visual forms of art. Additionally, as a keen photographer, Trevenna captures and translates nature through her idiosyncratic perspective. Graduating from the University of Plymouth - with an Honors Degree in Applied Geology - Trevenna's primary goal is to convey her colourful, authentic spectrum of emotion, as dictated by an ever-changing world.

In 2019, Trevenna became a core part of the NOT ENOUGH KNIFE team, as a result of her expansive knowledge of musical instruments, including: piano, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, mandolin, and djembe. In 2020, Trevenna founded ChilledPod, a commission-ready outlet for her painting skill-set. Moreover, Trevenna is affected by synesthesia, and has been involved with every NOT ENOUGH KNIFE project since joining the team.

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