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Lamorran Trevenna Cornwall, United Kingdom

Affected by synesthesia, I am a Cornish musical score composer, multi-instrumentalist, painter and aspiring photographer. I'm a University of Plymouth and Camborne School of Mines graduate, and my core instrument is piano.

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Lamorran Trevenna is a Cornish musical score composer, specialising in classical piano - though she is also talented with: bass guitar, acoustic guitar, mandolin, and the African djembe. Believing that music is the ultimate form of expressing emotion, Trevenna has found herself inspired by the works of Ludovico Einaudi, and since the age of eleven, has found escape within his composition’s unique way of portraying nature. Her ultimate goal is to convey a colourful, authentic spectrum of emotion, as dictated by an ever-changing world.

Additionally, Trevenna is keen in the fields of photography and painting, capturing her surroundings in a unique, yet experienced way, and she is positively affected by synaesthesia, allowing her to effectively communicate her perspective. In 2019, Lamorran joined the NOT ENOUGH KNIFE team, as a result of her vast knowledge of multi-instrumentation, and has since boasted a key involvement with almost every creative project. Moreover, as a graduate from both the University of Plymouth and the Camborne School of Mines, Trevenna’s core time is spent working as a professional Geologist and Mineralogist.

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