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Josh Merritt West Sussex, United Kingdom

Guardian-mentioned writer/filmmaker. Written for BFI, made films as part of the Barbican Young Filmmakers.

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Founding member of the Barbican Young Filmmakers, in which young creatives between the ages of 15 and 25 collaborate into groups to produce a number of short films (documentary, narrative/scripted, etc) within the spaces of various four-day bursts throughout a year, culminating in a screening and Q&A at the end of each subsequent week. We are also working toward a major showcase at the end of 2012 with a number of other creative disciplines, and the Barbican Cinema are apparently keeping our shorts in a loop of some kind...Listed as one of "Five to look out for" by The Guardian (newspaper): “Scriptwriter on All Bar One, a clever comedy short that drew on Larry David's influence in its cavalier attitude to polite society's norms.” - Henry Barnes, The Guardian.