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Jamie Moore Weston Super Mare, United Kingdom

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I’m a student at UCW currently studying Film and Media Productions/Lens Based Media in my third and final year.

I previously studied on level 2 and level 3 Film and Media production at Weston College. Level 2 was only for 1 year and as I didn’t have any film knowledge before going to college (there was a subject of any sort at my secondary school) I only got a pass. I didn’t think media was the right subject to be doing for me but I kept doing it and moved onto level 3. I started to enjoy it more and got my first merit grade when I did the trailer project, and after that my work improved with projects such as Music Video, Multi-Cam Show and Journalism.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t finish my FMP because of COVID-19 and lockdown so our final grade would be based on all our previous work. I thought I was going to get at least a merit, but I got a distinction instead which is one of my most proudest achievements to date.

Now I’m at UCW (University of Centre Weston) studying film and media production and continuing my journey to becoming a professional film maker.

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Everyday Activity Short Film - Cuppa (Short film, 2020)

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