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James Waudby Medway London Manchester, United Kingdom

I have intensive experience in live broadcast, theatre, music and events where I’m an award winning and established LD. Now working exclusively as a gaffer and spark with a fully stocked warehouse used exclusively for my own projects.

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I’m gaffer and Sparks with a fully loaded, freshly stocked gaffer van. I’m not new to lighting by a long chalk and have significant background in tv, film and live events and have all the correct tickets, insurance, and diverse experience.

I’ve recently been released from contract on a drama for itv where I was in a management role for production and I’m keen to get back to a more creative role rather than go back to production.

My sole purpose in accepting that particular role was to finance this current endeavour.

I have intensive experience in live broadcast, theatre, music and events where I’m an award winning and established LD. Evidently any live event broadcast is unlikely to come to fruition, in fact I’m already getting cancellations in January and February, so time for me to focus on tv & film.

Since COVID started I’ve invested in new stock and returned to filming. Prior to my recent contract I was working as extensively as sparks and gaffer, both for myself and other gaffers. Now though, I mostly gaffer since I am independent, flexible, and have a wealth of lighting experience and I am able to offer a very well stocked van with up to date kit, my own extensive rigging and further lighting stock & grip available to bolt on. I have a fully stocked production warehouse that I use exclusively for my own projects.

Very early on in my career I was lucky enough to work with some significant photographers and cinematographers as well as working with the very best of west end and TV lighting designers, all of whom contributed to to my understanding of the craft. I have a significant track record both in tv and broadcast and have a number of prime time shows at the BBC,ITV, channels 4&5 etc under my belt, I’ve done my time as a studio and location gaffer too.

As such I’m fully versed in working very closely with cameras and DOPs to focus on establishing the very best shot possible with the available resources. Being very experienced in multi camera live broadcast I’m used to working quickly and efficiently lighting the shot.

I’m expecting to go back to lighting HETV some time in the new year, but I’m keen not to be tied into a long contract this time unless it suits my own agenda and criteria. In the meantime I’m looking for more interesting, inspiring, and meatier projects . I’m happiest working on more creative projects, and live to create beautiful things from light.I’ve studied light since I was a teenager.

I still have my own crew available to back me up if needs be and they too know fully what they are up to with light and are very capable and respected in their own rights, I also have a stable of regular sparks available.

Ive been impressed by how much the kit has improved since I was last heavily involved and as such I’ve invested extensively in new stock and have put myself in a strong position to service most shooting scenarios. I have a large and smaller gaffer vans available stocked ready to go , with an 11 tonne truck in progress.

I have always had a policy of investing to suit the project and intend to continue investing in film and TV lighting. I also have an extensive stock of live event lighting, consoles, power distribution, rigging and much more useful stock available off the shelf that could be bolted on to projects. I have accounts at rental houses too I can utilise for items I do not have but that your DOP needs. .

Here’s a link to my event site and Flickr. You’ll see that there is more to me than the average gaffer, that I really do have a significant history and am involved in many exiting projects here and abroad.

I have now lit a number of BFI funded projects and I have identified such collaborations as potentially beneficial for both parties.

I have no doubt I will be an asset to any production.