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Edward Raby Brighton, United Kingdom

I like to tell stories through sound. Having just graduated from University, I am eager to delve deeper into the industry and expand my skillset.

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Hello there! 

My name is Ted, I am 23 and living just outside of Brighton.

I have just graduated from the University of Lancashire with a first-class honours degree in Electronic Music Production. In my third year of study, I chose to hone in on sound design for film and games; titling my dissertation - Sound Design for Visual Media across Horror and Science Fiction (of which I achieved a mark of 87/100). Alongside this dissertation, I compiled a showreel of practical work (linked below). Although this reel only showcases my work in the horror/sci-fi genres, although I am more than competent in working across a broad spectrum of sound design and recording. 

I have a passion for evoking emotion through sound and exploring how to use sound to tell a story through the subconscious. 

I have worked on creating sonic logos for a local production company - RedRoad Productions. 

I am currently working on various bits of freelance work, including sound for a short animation as well as a web series. I sourced this work by offering my services on numerous filmmakers pages on Facebook. 

Alongside this, I am well versed in graphic design and video editing. I co-run a digital record label for which I do all of the artwork and promotional videos.