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Bianca Smith West Yorkshire, United Kingdom

6+ years experience in the creative and corporate industries. Proficient in Premiere Pro & FCPX. Self-motivated, task focused & creatively driven. Organised & efficient.

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Hi, I’m Bianca and I’m a professional video editor with experience in both the creative and corporate industries. During my time as an in-house and freelancer editor I have worked on a variety of projects from music videos to business films to content for social media influencers and brands. I have been freelancing now for nearly 3 years and I am always looking for new clients that I am able to collaborate with.

As an editor I am self-motivated, task focused and creatively driven. I am also organised and efficient, keeping a tidy project both in and out of the editing software.


Knew Productions - Award-winning video productions company: “Fun, Fast & Friendly - these are the words that spring to mind when I think of Bianca’s editing. She always keeps in touch with progress or just delivers. She’s hard working, flexible and seems to have natural talent when it comes to video editing. We have worked together for 5 years and highly recommend her services.”

Tova Leigh - Influencer testimonial: “Working with Bianca has been a pleasure, she was able to interpret my brief and deliver consistently good work. Bianca's turnaround times are great which is key for me within my fast-paced business. If you are looking for an efficient, creative and responsive freelance editor then I strongly recommend considering Bianca."