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Alex Fung Bath, United Kingdom

I'm an animator & photographer with a background in theatre & film direction. I began with a fascination in drawing & painting. Am especially fond of comic book art. After my BA I embraced the wonderful world of film production.

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Playing age:

30 to 40 years


5' 7" (1.7m)

Body type:




Clients include: BBC, History Channel, ITV West, POP Kids, Scuzz, Flaunt, Channel 4, British Heart Foundation, Thomas & Friends, Alien Creeps, Nationwide and Royal London.

Skills include: Character rigging, Kinetic typography, Video editing, Colour correction, Parallax with photography cut outs, Compositing, Rotoscoping, Footage stabilisation, Green screen, Digital, 2D and 3D Motion Graphics.

I have a lifelong love of theatre. In my free time I've been an actor with Shakespeare Live in Wiltshire and various short film projects around the UK.

Highlights include being in the official Oasis music video for their single Acquiesce, an animated character in Sticky for the BBC, on publicity posters for the Royal Observatory Greenwich, Advert for Vodaphone and Playstation.

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