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Black Flag (Music video, 2022)

Tear down these walls dividing us all as one people. Break out a Black Flag.

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We are bringing together a team to create a music video for punk band "The Cides" new track, "Black Flag". The black flag in the song represents the view that the free and informed will of the individual is the ultimate strength of groups and of society itself, leaving no need for government. Concept below:

Within a "mini-world" puppet set, a series of puppets representing different positive movements (environmental, civil rights, etc.) bring pieces of a black jigsaw in to a white set, where another puppet figure sits in front of a television.

In parallel with the above, the same set exists in the "full-size-world" where a masked figure sits in an infinite white space. The telly is playing "Land of Freedom" (Loach) and a few other relevant clips.

The mini-world and the full-size-world are bridged by the masked figure reaching up, grabbing jigsaw pieces and building a (flag-shaped) black jigsaw.

At some point during the video we discover that the full-size-world figure and the mini-world puppeteer are one and the same.

There's a twist at the end; as we pull out of the puppet set we find ourselves outside in the real world. We reveal the puppeteer who takes off their mask. In one hand, they're holding the puppet set. In the other, they're swinging a black flag (the one they just built).

This general narrative will be interspersed with graphics representing bringing various positive movements into the black flag, as well as clips/stills representing the divisiveness and extreme irony in "for God and Country" thinking.

In this video, the black flag represents "awakening" and the set represents "plato's cave" - the illusory world that we need to awaken from.

This is an ambitious project and we're looking for similarly minded and talented individuals to bring this vision to life.

Tabb Bristol, United Kingdom

Tabb is a project-centred professional network for producers, filmmakers and actors. iMDB meets LinkedIn. (Previously Cahootify!)

Pete Francomb Bath, United Kingdom

Tabb co-founder and Chief Exec. I want to help you make your projects happen.

Tom Whitson Bristol, United Kingdom

Freelance filmmaker, photographer, editor with the technical and creative skills to make captivating video content. Video Producer for Cahootify.

Paul Hayward Bristol, United Kingdom

I am a songwriter and producer. Songs about Love and Life are woven in my heart but what really drives me at the moment is social injustice. Through performance art and media it is my aim to raise people's awareness of social inequality.

Benjamin Tate Bristol, United Kingdom

Benjamin is a Director of Photography based in Bristol. Currently available for projects.

Kyle Borg Bristol/Worthing/London, United Kingdom

I can talk your ear off about Narrative theory, that's probably why my colleagues like killing me in their films...

Caroline Tennent Wimborne, United Kingdom

Creating beautiful, affordable websites that work hard for you and your business.

Glen Wilkins United Kingdom

I am a multi-disciplinary art director, designer, photographer and illustrator. Experienced, enthusiastic, with a "can-do" attitude, I love what I do.