Combat Kids
(TV serial, 2010)

Twelve-year-old Jed and friends all live on an army base. While exploring in the woods, they meet a...

  • Scriptwriter

Roman Mysteries
(TV drama, 2007)

BBC. Follows four children in Ancient Rome who solve a number of exciting, dangerous and...

  • Scriptwriter (1 episode)

Plastic Man
(TV serial, 1999)

A seemingly happily married, successful plastic surgeon embarks on a torrid affair with tragic...

  • Scriptwriter

The Broker's Man
(Feature film, 1997)

Drama series about an ex-policeman who now uses his detective skills while working for insurance...

  • Scriptwriter

(Feature film, 1996)

Ross Poldark returns from war to right wrongs and reunite with the love of his life.

  • Scriptwriter

(TV serial, 1994)

Murder mystery involving the death of two Russian artists and a stolen statuette.

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