A Lifetime's Journey
(Short film, 2019)

Hornby Hobbies - Celebrating 100 years since Frank Hornby built his first Model Locomotive and the...

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The Night is not known by Day
(Short film, 2018)

A cancer sufferer meets his match in what seems like his soulmate when he starts to stop caring...

  • Lead Actor

Day 432
(Short film, 2018)

A short film that depicts the day by day relationship of one couple through their ups and downs....

  • Lead Actor

Be With You Forever
(Short film, 2018)

Concentrating on the struggles of a modern day relationship when a new girl starts at work and the...

  • Lead Actor

It's Not About Fear
(Short film)

Having invited over a date for dinner, James struggles to hide from her the monster that has been...

  • Actor (James)
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Forsaken Youth
(Web video)

"Set in near-future Britain, the story follows Xander; a rebellious and downtrodden prisoner of...

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