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Nezih Bouali Nyc, United Kingdom

Art Director, Quality Controller, Writer, Editor, Designer, Producer

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- I am a critical thinker as I am meticulous, fastidious and assiduous thanks to my dedication, diligence and perfectionism that fuel my abundant creativity and resourcefulness for a wholesome artistic vision paired with a strong penchant for organization and innovation.

- I am passionate and very knowledgeable about art and media in general, especially editing and writing in all their forms. I have an eye for design and an ear for words, which grants me an informed opinion based on these talents as well as the experiences that hone and inspire them.

- I am naturally curious with a desire to invest in my personal and professional growth; which is why I'm flexible, adaptable and willing and excited to step outside of your comfort zone. This has also granted me a talent for gathering information and having the insight to make connections that others don't see.

- I am fairly extroverted, emotionally intelligent and patient, as my interpersonal and communication skills help me motivate the team, and coherently and lucidly delegate and coordinate between departments, and with managers and clients (in groups as well as one-on-ones), for the greater goal of creating art and stories that transcend the sum of our parts.